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04:39pm 01/10/2006

Bitch about anything huh?

Well I just need to vent, so feel free not to read. Or anything. 

For the last 10 years, My dad has had a telemarketer called Brenda. And she has invaded our lives so much, swindled her way into our lives, and everytime, dad is alone with her, or talking to her, he seems to get angry towards all of us, like she turnes him against us. This has been going on for over 8 years, My mother and father constantly yelling and screaming at eachother because of her. I cannot stand it. 

She is also obsessed with my dad, demanding all his attention, my dad is a married man. Has been married to my mother for over 23 years now. And she sees nothing wrong with being around constantly. All the time it must be about her. Shes also skinny as hell, almost 6ft, and yet she weighs under 50kg. Shes always making comments about how we are being bitches to her (Me and my brother) and my dad seems to take her side everytime. I hate it. I may sound like a bitchy teen, but hey? 10 years can do this to a person.

She keeps going on about these suicide attemts and the day she gets it right, is the best day of my life. Her daughter was my friend, and died of cancer, I know I have no right to control who lives and who dies. 

But She should have gone instead of her daughter! 


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08:53am 28/05/2005
  hey i just joined this community and i need a little help its been killing me can u plz give me the code in your modify lj cuz i cant find the code where you can get the thing to look like that and i would much apreshiate it thanks! plz help ...lol i aint got anything to bitch about but i will so thx!  

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11:15pm 12/11/2004
  I hate people who think their lives are such shit when really, they live in a little suburb with a dad who's on the rebound..
I dont see the issue here.
Other than if he completely forgets his children, and in my particular example, he definately still cares about his family..
even though his daughter is a whiney fucking brat.
But I love her, and her father's liquor cabinet.

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12:14am 12/11/2004
mood: disappointed (in myself)
My name is Myra.
I'm new here
and Oh, do I have stories for you.
Me and the boy just broke it off after one month and a couple of weeks.
Isn't that amazing?
He's only the fourth one to tell me that I am altogether too negative for their "taste."
That's quite interesting, in fact, baffling because well, I've always viewed boys as creatures who didn't care enough about the little things in life.
How can they all-of-the-sudden develop "tastes" when it comes to picking and choosing someone.
Yes, I'm sure I wasn't his "taste."
I'm sure he grew a fond liking to her taste in his mouth when I wasn't looking.
Ironically, we have the same name. But of course, she's everything I'm not.
Yes, I am entirely too negative.
But I am also hurt by people entirely too much.


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God! Stop Fucking Judging Me! 
01:28pm 05/08/2004
mood: bitchy
Okay, so, I like this guy who's a Junior in High School. The problem is, I'm a Freshman, and we go to completely different schools! We live all the way across town from each other! But we see each other at the mall all the time, and we flirt. He won't fucking ask me out, but he'll flirt with my constantly. I don't know! I mean, I know I'm hot. I know I have sex appeal. Why the fuck won't he ask me out!?!? Another thing that I hate (and the most probable reason he won't ask me out) is that his really good friend likes me. I'm like, ugh! Let's give them names - L is the guy I like M is the guy that likes me. Another thing, is that all of my friend's that go to his school think he's a total jerk, and I've heard all of these things about him having major mood swings during relationships. But I SO don't believe that stuff. He's been a total sweetheart every time I've seen him, and I really don't give a fuck what everyone else thinks.

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10:57am 27/07/2004

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12:11am 14/03/2004
  Tell me what I should do. I am fucking pissed off at my ex boyfriend who I clearly still fucking like but everytime we go out he cheats on me with this fat chick. Now this chick thinks shes the shit, because she gets to see him every fucking morning and afternoon... Right so he came over today and we make-out and shit. I read her journal later It says I fucking hate Marc. Which is him. So the whole time he was at my house he was supose to be with her... AHAH FUCKING CUNT THATS WHAT U FUCKING GET, she knew me and him were going out and her fucking excuse is I was drunk. Who gives a fuck? NOT ME. That fucking douche! she can kiss my fucking white ass. Shes talking all this shit bot me and then when she hears im talking shit right back bout her she fucking shits bricks! Fuck that bitch then she goes off saying well at least i say shit to ur face WHEN SHE WAS FUCKING ONLINE.. I WAS LIKE YOUR FUCKING RETARDED YOU LIL FUCKING SHIT OH FUCK AND she thinks that shes so much better then me cause shes a grade older fuck that were the same fucking age, the only shit im scared about her is that im scared shed sit on me and break my fucking back that fucking huge ass whale fucker!  

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04:17pm 01/02/2004
mood: bitchy
alright i have synthetic hair. it's pretty neat. but what i hate about it is the attention it gets sometimes. people wanna touch it. they wanna talk to me about it. it's so fuckin annoying. i'm going out to buy a box of tampons, i don't wanna fuckin talk for an hour about my hair. you don't need to touch it, it's not that big of a deal. so what if it's different? just look then walk away. thats all i want them to do..

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03:24pm 26/01/2004
mood: tired
When it comes down to it, others don't make me mad. I know its me. I just put it on them because of my jealousy. Yeah, so you cares that I know this? What can I do with this? Nothing really. I mean I can't make myself happy. I try and then I feel fake. I feel weird. I want to die right now. You know just be in a daze forever. I want others to have never have known me, so that when I got to school I go do whatever I want and because I know that they can't see me I won't think about anyone else. I play mind games. Sometimes I question god, why he made us like we are, Fuck I don't enjoy it even though that is what he wanted. It is rediculous to me. I am really just angry with this eatting disorder that I have let take over my life. I have gained weight from it. It pisses me off. I donm't exercise now because of it. I don't do shit. I can't have things my way. I just want myself to face that to know that and move on with that.

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Why so happy 
08:57pm 25/01/2004
  Why do people have to be so happy?
I like it when people are cynical. I mean we all have inner anger. I hate it when people say someone is prfect because that can't be. I mean FUCK them. They don't go through problems? who Choose them to be the choosen one? I hate how people change who they are when they are around other people. Why? you conform to others. I hate that I am anti everything because it makes me an outcast. I am not going to lie, I hate I hate I hate. I hate because I can't get better.

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Fucked off as hell 
10:33am 13/01/2004
mood: angry
Hi im new.. And i fucked off as hell with everything!! My boyfriend!!i mean..why the fuck is he my boyf???

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fuck parents 
10:38pm 08/01/2004
mood: depressed
I’m such a violent child right now. I want to strangle anyone I see. I’m not even kidding.

Last Saturday I went to a party and came home really really drunk and really stoned. My dad decided it was brandon’s, my sort of b/f, fault. Which it completely wasn’t. now not only do I have to go to na meetings and aa meetings but my dad won’t let me see brandon.

Brandon’s is everything to me right now. And having him taken away from me, just because I like to drink and do drugs, is very unfair in my opinion. I can’t even talk to him on the phone! It’s not like brandon made me do the drugs or drink. I did those things because I like them. I don’t care if he grounds me and takes away everything, but telling me I can’t see someone I really care about drives me insane and to the point of turing once again to self mutilation.

It’s unfair. Please someone tell me it’s unfair.

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Pissed Off! 
07:51pm 08/01/2004
mood: aggravated
Okay, my (now ex) boyfriend and I broke up exactly a month ago and he still has not yet called. He said he would, and never did. We were together for a eyar and a half, and he just THREW me away! How can men be so cold! I loved him--and still do and he is nonexistant to me at his moment. I hate it--I feel unloved !!!!! Men suck!

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11:02pm 07/01/2004
mood: stressed
First, the introduction.

Hello, My name is Miranda and I have been quoted as "one sassy bitch".
I live in Buffalo, New York.
I feel like venting all the time. Lucky you.

Second, I feel like venting.

About everything, really. Im just stressed over retarded things.
I work at this nursing home as a CNA. (certified nurses assistant. One step below a nurse, basically.) I only work two days a week. Which is on the weekends, 7-3. I make about $110 for those two days.

My boyfriend just started a job and he is going to make about $400 a week. Me and him have been planning on moving out. He would like to do so within the next month. I start classes in about two weeks. I will be going to classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Now, for the argument of the day.
It is very apparent that he will be able to pay the whole months rent in about a week. Awesome, I cannot do that. He said that I must start working full time to pay of my half. No big deal, that is what I obviously must do. That would require me to pick up two extra days at work. I can either work doubles on the weekend I already work (7am - 11pm) and then not worry about work at all monday through friday. Or, I can work after school 3-11 on perhaps Monday and Wednesday, leaving me with Tuesday and Thursday with no school or work. Then the obvious work Tuesday and thursday, leaving me with not one day I can sleep in and not have to work or go to school. (a lot of people obviously do that though)

We got into the conversation on our expenses.
I was told I would have to get rid of my cell phone, so that I would be able to help pay for Powerlink. (cable modem for the computer, which is $60 a month.) I told him that my phone comes in pretty handy and that I would like to keep it. He says no, and then he will just pay for the Cable and I would not be able to use it.

I suggest we wait a month to see how much money we have to spend on our place and that if "powerlink" is really what we need right away before we get settled in. He gets mad, and still says that I do not need my phone.

I'm just frusterated, he was being mean and now I am in a bad mood.
Console me.

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11:58am 21/12/2003
mood: cynical
sometimes i'll admit the laws are fuckin dumb. speed limits are dumb. but they're there for a reason. one of my friends is dead now because he's to dumb to obey stupid little laws like, no driving with your permit. this just makes me so fuckin mad. he was a good kid, a real nice guy. he decided he's gonna speed gets into an accident and kills himself because he's not wearing his seatbelt.

i'm not trying to preach practice laws and be a good citizen to you all but i am saying it's fuckin dumb thats this kid is dead now and two others seriously injured because this kid couldn't wait to get his license to drive, couldn't obey the speed limits, and didn't feel like wearing his seat belt.

blah. i'm so upset i'm probably not making any sence. sorry.

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04:17am 21/12/2003
  people who cross the picket line are evil and should die.
thank you

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11:08pm 10/12/2003
  Hmmm. Something I'd like to bitch about is religion. It's one of the most puzzling things in my life. My friend decided to explain something in his own words when we just ended up talking about that kind of shit. (Christianity)

"Now, the problem with the Bible is, its sort of vague, and can be taken a lot of ways. Thats why you've got all these catholics, and methodists, and protestants, and all this shit. The problem stems from these middle men, like Benny Hinn, or Jerry Falwell, that say "I interpret the bible this way, and God talks to me, and you need to do it this way to get in heaven" and they take advantage of people who are confused or looking for something to ease their minds about the afterlife."

Mmm.. blah. Oh well, I just wish I hadn't met people that made believing in religion so difficult. I feel guilty for not totally giving into my religion and being all into it, but at the same time it's like what I've learned about religion maybe not being true makes me like whatever. I don't know, it's hard to explain, and easy to bitch about. It has to do with life and death, you know.

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omg! its like, difficult to get luxury items, wah! 
05:22pm 10/12/2003
  you know what id like to bitch about? whiny americans
let me illisrtate. it was fifth period economics, and we were talking about the grocery store strike. (there is a grocery store strike here. yay for corparate greed!) my econ teacher went on and on about how it was bad of the union stores not on strike to take a profit from this, and how difficult it was to get certain items. one girl agreed and stated that she and her sister went to the store and only found 2 bottles of chocolate milk! OMFG! now, dont even mind the fact that shes whining that she was upset that there were only two bottles, let turn to the product itself. CHOCOLATE MILK! my god! does she even realize how lucky she is that you can get that in a store here, let alone everything else yopu can get in a grocery store we take for granted. i mean come on! some people cant even afford milk and are starveing, and off she goes that it was difficult to find chocolate milk. the first thing immigrants notice about this country is "omg! look at all the different foods i can actually get here!" just the way our food system is run is so amazing we should all be grateful for that. but noooooo! we find the need to complain, the prices are too high, i cant find the exact thing i want, i shall complain now! does anyone realize how lucky we are that we eat at all. we could live in some place where people starve (lets say africa) or theres war(africa) or geneocide(africa again). americans just dont seem to realize how lucky we are.
sad isnt it.

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you know what 
07:15pm 10/12/2003
  You know what I wanna bitch about, why this community isnt active =/  

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01:07pm 07/12/2003
  SocietyScape: hey you wanna join a community ?
InVeRteDCube: oh, heh
InVeRteDCube: well yeah, sure
SocietyScape: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=get_bitchy
SocietyScape: are you going to join?
InVeRteDCube: if you want
SocietyScape: yeah join =]
SocietyScape: if you want.
InVeRteDCube: yeah ill join
SocietyScape: oh okay <3
InVeRteDCube: "You are now a member of the Bitch About It Community"
InVeRteDCube: heh.
SocietyScape: Yay lol <3
SocietyScape: I love you
InVeRteDCube: I love you too <3

There, my good deed, you have a new member ;p

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